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For as long as I can remember, my passion has always been tied to two things – design and paper. Yet, as my career evolved from roles in art direction and client services to relationship management, my creative side took a back seat. My passion never left, however. At dinner parties I’d go to extremes to create perfect invitations matched with place settings, floral arrangements, and the ideal event-themed favors. For years that creative side continued to come out at every gift-giving occasion as I was in search of making the perfect handcrafted gifts for friends and family.

During my second engagement – at last I had found my one true love – I entered the wonderful world of all things bridal and spent fifteen months immersed in the roles of wedding planner, event designer and stationer. As our wedding day approached and all the “big”, and seemingly most important, items were checked off the list – we reached the “write vows” line in our wedding planner. Zac and I wanted our words to capture who we were but knew we’d be too nervous to memorize all we wanted to say. I struggled to find an elegant way to share our vows that fit the theme of our wedding and enhanced the moment without drawing attention away from us as we read them. It was during my first bookmaking classes that I came up with an inspired solution: a mini bound book, in the style of our wedding, to hold our vows. The resulting books fit nicely in our hands and now serve as beautiful reminders and keepsakes of the commitments we made to one another.

Those vow books, along with our invitations, day-of stationery and thank-you notes, provided the perfect chance to explore my new bookbinding passion and create a series of sophisticated items that conveyed our unique story to friends and family. The response to these from our guests, vendors and industry professionals was overwhelming. At last my passion for design and paper had come full circle, leading to the happiest of endings – and beginnings – as The Art of Etiquette was born.

TAKE A PEEK at our beautifully designed and exquisitely made products that were born from this inspiration.