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Live Your Story. Speak Your Love.

Made to be treasured for years to come, our books celebrate the love story etched on your heart with sentiments captured by pen.

At The Art of Etiquette, we know some things are simple and true. Things like love and the promise to cherish one another are uncomplicated. Putting them into words and carrying them into your life together should be an everyday celebration. We believe a vow is not just a promise, but a daily reminder that love is a verb. We believe an anniversary isn't about one day, but a chance to honor all of the moments that make up each year. We believe every person who shares in your story has the power to leave an everlasting mark. And while we're romantics at heart, we're practical realists, too. We know it's hard to memorize words from the heart. We know the trials of everyday living can make married life seem less-than-perfect. We know that sometimes, a look back can help us fully embrace the present. 

So we don't glorify love; we simply relish in its messy glory. Our products are designed to keep you grounded in each moment, true to the things that matter most, and connected as your story unfolds. We create space (in our practice sheets, in our pages, in our vow-writing services and even in tiny paper pockets that hold letters to the future!) for you to be You. Simply, honestly, fearlessly imperfect You. There's no right or wrong way to live your story; love is love and we're here to celebrate yours one page at a time. May the words you memorialize in our products be a true reflection of the person you are to your partner, and vice-versa. May they help you set aside time, thought and intention to your beloved. May they always inspire you to be fully present in your life together.