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Andrew and I were so excited to have our vow books from The Art of Etiquette. We found a pair that matched perfectly with our wedding color scheme! It was so special to read our vows to each other during our ceremony, and we know these books will preserve these special words forever. We are already looking forever to reading our first-year anniversary notes that came with the vow books - such a special detail that’s included!

Kelly & Andrew

My husband and I used the vow book collection for our wedding. These books are AMAZING. Thankfully we had them because we actually didn’t know how to write vows and it really takes you step by step. We felt much more confident using these books. Also, they are truly so beautiful. They are treasures we will have forever. We could not be happier with our vow books and would recommend them to anyone!

Stephanie & Joey

Our vow books from The Art of Etiquette were the perfect, special touch to our wedding day! Having our personal vows written in our own handwriting is so much more special than having them just on a typed piece of paper. It’s such a special keepsake from our wedding and I often find myself reaching for the books just to read through our vows one more time! The books are very high quality and have great additions inside like helpful hints, a pocket for an anniversary note and extra paper for your first draft! Not to mention they are beautiful and look perfect in our detail shots!

Kristina & David

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