Your Story Captured For a Lifetime. NO Memorization Required.

Your Story Captured For a Lifetime. NO Memorization Required.

The lovely Vivian comes to you after a year-long labor of love and my desire for couples to have a stress-free, beautiful way to express how much they love each other on their wedding day. More than a few trials and dozens of prototypes to get her just right and now she is ready for your eyes. One of the greatest joys in creating products is watching them come to life, from sketch to pixel to paper, watching their identity change as you go through the journey and then giving them a proper name.

Given THE ART OF ETIQUETTE is all about deep meaning and rich connections, you can imagine when it comes to naming our collections it is a part of the process we take quite seriously, with deep affection and great research. The name Vivian is Italian in origin and means “full of life.” I couldn’t think of a more fitting name to bestow on this Japanese bound VOW BOOK collection. As you enter this sacred bond between two people, you are starting a life a new together one of richness and abundance.

We hope you’ll treasure her just as much as we do. From the beautiful book cloth that binds her together to the special touches inside, her elegance and sophistication is felt and seen from cover to cover. The Vivian Collection features four styles and LOTS of color options to capture your initial “I Do” or serve as a beautiful anniversary KEEPSAKE to re-emphasize the commitment you have made to one another.

For beautiful styles to capture your love story:

  • Forever & A Day :: classic and everlasting
  • Once Upon A Time :: a romantic fairy tale
  • In the Stars :: a fate-filled destiny
  • Our Adventure Awaits :: a love filled with wanderlust that cannot be contained

Each Japanese bound book contains:

  • Beautiful pages of elegantly styled quotes for the respective theme
  • Personalized title page with the couple’s name and date
  • 2-photo pages with themed quotes to place your favorite “I Do.” moments
  • 14-lined pages to capture your vows
  • Love note with wax seal written on your wedding day, opened on you first anniversary

Whether you are searching for a stunning way to tell your story on your wedding day or capture your vows as a memory keepsake for future generations, we invite you to explore THE VIVIAN COLLECTION and to get to know her better.

Thank you for the opportunity for us to introduce the collection to you and we wish you all the best in letting your story unfold.

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