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As you prepare for your wedding day, the list of tasks can feel long and pressing. But, here’s the thing: Not all of these tasks are of equal importance. Yes, you’ll want to get around to flower selections and table settings. When you look back on your wedding day years in the future, however, these little details will likely have faded away.


What will remain with you is how you felt on the day you sealed your commitment to your partner. From your heartfelt reaction when you saw them for the first time in their wedding attire to the triumphant raising of hands as you walk back down the aisle together after the ceremony, this day is truly a celebration of your bond. And, perhaps, no moment will be more meaningful than that when you exchange your vows.


That said, no pressure! We celebrate that everyone has different visions for their wedding days. In some cases, original plans need to be adapted to safely suit the times—like with a smaller elopement rather than a big ceremony. Even as conditions allow for larger weddings, some couples seek a more private moment, such as during a first-look meeting. Even the vows themselves can vary, from romantic declarations to short-and-sweet inside jokes. No matter how you decide to exchange your vows, vow books are relevant.


Just like photography and videography can capture the look and feel of the day, vow books will forever preserve the emotions underlining your commitment.


As a central part of your love story, your vows can
also serve as the North Star for your relationship that
you can return to time and time again through the years.


Vow books can also become an enduring part of your legacy. Although you’ve likely seen your predecessors wedding photos, can you imagine what a gift it would be to read your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding vows? With vow books, you can invite future generations into your love story in a timeless, beautiful way.



Rather than tuck the vow books away in a box, here are a few ideas...

  • Incorporate the vow books into a wedding display on a shelf
  • Revisit the vows every wedding anniversary
  • Read the vows with future children
  • Add anniversary love notes to show how your love deepened



If you need help getting started with your vows, download our Vow Writing Tips Guide.

Vow Writing Tips

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