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Give a Traditional Anniversary Gift Using Our Helpful Year-by-Year Gifting Guide


When you get married, you become part of an ancient tradition of people who have chosen a single person and said, “Yes. YOU. I want to be connected to you, more than anyone else, for the rest of our lives.”

Entering into this tradition feels epic (it is!), and there’s just something special about giving a symbolic gift that people have given for generations. So if you’re looking to keep in line with this tradition and give gifts that follow the year-by-year anniversary gifts, we’ve curated a guide for you, no matter your style or what anniversary you’re celebrating.

Our thorough traditional anniversary gift guide includes explanations of the symbolism of the year’s theme, and ideas for both a physical gift and experiential gift.

We love that traditional gifting follows a pattern of giving gifts that are meaningful, while also helping you solve the age-old problem of wondering “what should I give for our anniversary??”. At The Art of Etiquette, we embrace gifts that are thoughtful, have meaning, and show the recipient that you’ve thought about their wishes and desires. And this gift guide helps you do exactly that, while also aligning with those who have given these traditional gifts for generations.


We’ve curated a few of our favorites below and invite you to explore the full guide by clicking on the link below...


1st Anniversary: Paper :: Possibilities

Paper represents the possibilities of what is to come. Whether that’s a simple sheet waiting to be filled with romantic words, or a paper ticket that opens the door to new experiences, paper gifts are an opportunity to explore. For a traditional take on this, gift a question journal you can fill out together. Our vow books are a perfect first anniversary gift, and an opportunity to revisit your vows. For a dose of adventure, surprise your partner with tickets to her favorite show, or even favorite city. Adventures await, no matter what you choose. 

5th Anniversary: Wood :: Wisdom

Wood represents the insight a couple has gained through five years of marriage, deepening their roots of commitment. Plant a tree in your backyard and watch it grow over the years, or gift a household item in wood, like a custom made cutting board or a set of artisanal wooden bowls. The sturdiness and patina it develops over time is a symbol of the best parts of your relationship.

10th Anniversary: Tin :: Protection

When we want to preserve something, we put it in a tin, and the 10th year marriage gift is a representation of that desire to protect what we love the most. A gift made of tin represents 10 years of a strong marriage. Make this celebration an experience and go nostalgic: create a movie night complete with homemade popcorn and cozy up to The Wizard Of Oz.  For another suggestion, fill a tin with special memorabilia collected throughout the years or for something more extravagant, a trip itinerary to a place yet explored!


We believe in giving gifts that facilitate deeper connections with those you love. So no matter how you celebrate or what you choose to give, keep connection at the front of your mind, and you’ll always delight your beloved.

For more thoughtful gifting, click below to receive our beautifully designed PDF guide to all of the modern and traditional anniversaries, including information for each year’s gift, the symbolism behind it, and our ideas for on-theme gifts and experiences. 

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