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This year, as a society, we have been reminded of how hard people have fought for their basic human rights, and the need to maintain them. The importance of being who you are, and loving who you love– no matter the gender, race, or sexuality and the right to do so.

With these thoughts, we are anchored into a new reality and perspective as we celebrate Pride month. The Art of Etiquette believes to love who you want is not just a right, but something that should be recognized, elevated and celebrated. We wish to create space for couples to share their stories, and be who they want to be one page at a time.

Celebrating All Love: Tell Your Story

So in honor of all love, we wish to share Kaitlyn and Alex’s story. These wonderful women show how valuable and necessary it is to love freely and have the support of marriage for couples in all times of their lives.

A Love that is Sacred and Celebrated

“I said my “I Dos” with my partner on September 8th, 2021. The day was easily one of the best of my life. Surrounded by all those who I care about, they watched as Alex and I stood at the altar and made promises of a lifetime.

We made sure to spend time with each of our cherished guests, and to embrace their love and support on our big day. It was so important to us to appreciate how our families welcomed our relationships in both families, as we know how incredibly lucky we are to have their support in celebration of our love. It’s something we value above all else as unions and love like ours is still a right we are fighting for.

Some of the best memories of the day were my father’s face and trembling hands right before he walked me down the aisle, the tears in my mother’s eyes as I vowed to love and cherish every moment with my partner, and watching my grandparents slowly dance together at the reception.

We will never forget our special, wonderful day.

Custom Heirloom Vow Books

But on April 3rd, 2022, just seven months later, Alex’s mother passed away. It was heartbreaking to watch her go through something so difficult and feel like there wasn’t enough that I could do to help her.

The next couple of months were hard, and we leaned heavily on those promises we made as I became the support system she needed. Quicker than I would have thought possible came our first wedding anniversary.

There was nothing more beautiful than the quiet tears in my wife’s eyes as she opened up the first “words of advice” card from our wedding guestbook. There, forgotten by us both over the hardships of the past few months, was a handwritten letter from Alex’s mother.

To my butterfly and her beloved,

One year! Congratulations! I cannot nearly express how overjoyed I am that you two found each other and will get to celebrate so many anniversaries after this very first one.

I’m sure you’ve had a few challenges, maybe even a fight or two, along the past three-hundred and sixty-five days (don’t we all!!), but let the words and feelings of that very first day carry with you through every moment.

You girls know how to love one another, how to celebrate one another, and how to be a team against everything life throws at you. I know this is just the end of the first chapter in a very, very long novel.

Let all that you do be done in love.



We cried a good bit that night as you can imagine.

Alex and I will never stop being thankful for The Art of Etiquette and their heirloom books for giving us another moment with her mother. Now we look forward to each anniversary– to pulling our Best Is Yet to Come Guest Book off the shelf– and opening up a letter from a loved one to surround us with love no matter what is occurring in the world. It’s the best way to end each and every anniversary as we dream for the new year ahead."

With love, Kaitlyn Rose


Our Part
Heirloom Vow Books

We’re not crying; you’re crying.

But in all seriousness and love, AofE was deeply touched to see what kind of difference and moments our heirloom products can make upon a couple’s life. That’s why we made sure they were something all couples could use – no matter who they love.

Using gender neutral language upon all of the books – beloved– instead of the wife and husband was an intentional decision. We at AofE wanted couples of any gender – same-sex relationships, non-binary couples, whatever your unique story is – to feel represented by the words on the page and by giving you space to be you and share your story one page at a time.

Tell Your Story

With the offerings of our archival-quality books, AofE wants to help couples tell their love stories. We believe a vow is not just a promise, but a daily reminder that love is a verb. Our vow books hold your promises of love and commitment, and serve as your North Star throughout your marriage as you revisit those promises each year. We believe every person who shares in your story has the power to leave an everlasting mark. AofE’s guest book is filled with the love and support of those closest to you, and creates a tradition for each anniversary to come. Year after year you will revisit the pages of the book to feel those warming wishes and advice all over again. And finally, we believe an anniversary isn’t about one day, but a chance to honor all of the moments that make up each year. Our anniversary book becomes a testament of your personal love story over time, filled each year with the love of your relationship and the promises of your future.

You deserve to celebrate your love and share your story. There’s no right or wrong way to live your story; love is love and we’re here to celebrate yours one page at a time. May the words you memorialize in our products be a true reflection of the person you are to your partner, and vice-versa. May they help you set aside time, thought and intention to your beloved. May they always inspire you to be fully present in your life together.

Explore the AofE Keepsake Wedding Collection and discover all the ways you can be you on the wedding day and beyond.

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