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If there was ever a day you wished you could freeze time, it would undoubtedly be your wedding day. Surrounded by friends and family, sharing vows with your true love and, ideally, having a whole lot of fun. What’s not to love? And, yet, these 24 hours will pass just as quickly as any others. Without the option to hit the pause button, the next-best alternative is documenting the day in a way that will allow you to revisit it in a deep, meaningful way.

With the new AofE Wedding Guest Book, each page was designed to be an engaging opportunity for guests to share their well-wishes, advice and thoughts. So much more than an autograph book, our Guest Book can truly become one of your most cherished wedding day mementos.

The Art of Etiquette Wedding Guest Book Page

Our mission has always been to create opportunities for meaningful connections, celebrate the ways we love each other well and preserve legacies. The AofE Guest Book is a natural extension of that. Here’s why...

Each Page is Like a Time Capsule
Let’s put it like this: Would you rather have your grandmother’s signature wedged between dozens of others in a standard guest book? Or would you like to give her a prompt to share her wisdom in a way you will cherish? The answer was pretty clear for us, too. That’s why we designed each page in our Wedding Guest Book to invite loving words, insights and more from your wedding guests.

After all, this is not just a party with an open bar. You are celebrating a union and the people you invited are people you cherish. Along with space for inscriptions, our Guest Book has space to store treasured photographs of guests along with pocket folders, which are ideal for saving your invitation and other wedding day keepsakes. We even included toast sheets to share with whoever is making a speech. (An upgrade on those throwaway note cards!)

The Art of Etiquette Wedding Guest Book Toast Sheets


The Book was Made for Displaying

Like our bound vow books, you won’t want to relegate the AofE Guest Book to a storage box after the big day. Rather, it is beautiful enough to be displayed in your home alongside your wedding photographs. By keeping the Wedding Guest Book in your daily environment, you will have a reminder in the years to come of where your marriage began, what core values you share and what role your loved ones played in your big day.

The Art of Etiquette Heirloom Wedding Guest Book


It Creates Lovely Wedding Anniversary Traditions

Reading through your AofE Guest Book is a perfect wedding anniversary tradition—and we haven’t even told you about the sealed envelopes for anniversary notes yet! While adding words of wisdom to the Wedding Guest Book, your loved ones will have the opportunity to put words of advice in envelopes with seals that designate the year you’re meant to open it. As you revisit the book on each anniversary, you can look back fondly at the legacy you’re already creating and look ahead with the boost of notes designated to open throughout the years.

At their core, all legacies are stories—and the Wedding Guest Book preserves a fundamental part of your story on paper. With insights, advice and loving notes from cherished friends and family members, the meaningful supporting players in your life get to contribute to the developing tale.


This One Book Includes All You Need

When we were creating the AofE Guest Book, we dreamed bigger than a simple book. Each Wedding Guest Book collection includes: 90 Words of Advice cards, 10 toast sheets, 4 photo pockets, 5 photo pages and a set of gold numbered seal sheets.

And, as with all we offer, the AofE Guest Book is inclusive of all types of unions or celebrations of love. We want to create space for you to be you—and your loved ones to be their authentic selves as well.

The Art of Etiquette Heirloom Wedding Guest Book


Explore for Yourself the AofE Wedding Guest Book Today.

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