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Traditions—the celebrations and rituals we pass down—are the threads that connect us from generation to generation. In a noisy world, family traditions are opportunities to create meaningful moments with our partners, friends and families. They keep us focused on what matters most. They remind us of where we have been, where we are going and what we want the next generation to know.

We created The Art of Etiquette Vow Books to preserve couples’ promises to one another. The books themselves serve as daily reminders of love while the sentiments held within are part of a legacy that can be passed down to future generations. Our new The Best Is Yet To Come Guest and Anniversary Books share that same purpose: They are heirloom-quality books that grow in beauty and significance over time, as each love story in your family’s lineage is added. What begins as a wedding tradition can grow into an enduring, beloved family tradition.

The Art of Etiquette books are made to inspire you to create and honor your own traditions. Here are a few ways traditions can help you live a fuller life.



Traditions Keep You Grounded in What Matters Most

Every offering from AofE is designed to remind you of your values and keep you connected to the bigger picture. Make a ritual out of looking back at the words you and your partner exchanged on your wedding day in a Vow Book, and let the promises you made one another bring meaning to the everyday moments. Display The Best Is Yet To Come Guest Book and let its messages of love and advice guide you through the ups and downs of marriage. Create an annual tradition of adding to and sharing your The Best Is Yet To Come Anniversary Book.

That is how traditions are sowed. To really help these meaningful practices bloom into cross-generational traditions, share the memories with your family as it grows. Traditions like these add meaning to everyday moments.


Traditions Build a Legacy of Love

Imagine how special it would be to have a vow book that was passed down from one generation to the next, or a book that told your parents’ or grandparents’ love stories in their own words. By preserving your vows and stories in a beautiful way, future generations in your family will be able to touch and feel those words. They’ll get to carry reminders of your love and the wisdom of your experience with them in their own lives.


Traditions are a Chance to Celebrate Your Unique Story

Your AofE books are a space for you to be you—and embrace the perfectly imperfect journey of love. The Best Is Yet To Come Anniversary Book, for example, offers space to reflect on each year as it passes and celebrate the milestones and everyday moments that make your story uniquely yours; your Vow Book, made to display, carries the joy and promise of your wedding day into your home and your everyday life.

AofE books are designed to create an endless loop that reminds us of where we have been, our core values, traditions that bind us together and loving messages that future generations can weave into their own legacies. 


Wedding Traditions

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