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“Happily ever after” begins the moment you say your vows. Our Once Upon A Time Heirloom Vow Books books are designed to remind you every day that your own fairy tale is worth celebrating and preserving for future generations.

At The Art of Etiquette, we constantly challenge ourselves throughout the design and production process by asking: Will this be relegated to a storage box in the attic, or will it be part of a couple’s everyday life? When it comes to sparking magic and bringing joy into our couples’ lives long-term, we’ve learned a few things from Disney—the masters of fairy tales.

The Magic is in the Details

Fun Fact:
When the famous Disney World carousel was first assembled, Roy Disney noticed that it sat off-center of the arch in Cinderella’s castle. The crew painstakingly moved it, piece by piece, just eight inches, for four years before the ribbon was cut on this now-iconic view of the Magic Kingdom. Talk about a commitment to perfection! But the details, even when they seem small, are what make anything special.

The Art of Etiquette vow books are made to stand the test of time and be passed down from one generation to the next. On average, we spend nearly a year designing and producing every Art of Etiquette product, from the first sketch to the final proof. We pore over every detail to ensure that the design, materials and craftsmanship are of the highest possible quality. 

Your Story is Worth Telling

You know that storytelling is Disney’s thing. Did you know that they carry that through to the micro level? For example, in the line for Toy Story Mania at Disney World, there’s an oversized toy box with a barcode that represents the date the ride was announced. It’s certainly possible to overlook. But once you notice a detail like that, it really makes an impact.

Every couple has a story—a shared history that connects them and makes them who they are. AofE books are designed to celebrate love of all shapes and sizes. We create space for you to be you and a place for you—and your friends and family—to celebrate your unique romance and preserve it for the future.

It’s All About Immersive Experiences

Often at Disney World, the magic begins before you get on a ride and doesn’t end until long after you’ve gone home. Ever notice how the red sidewalks on Main Street USA keep guests safe (by helping them stand out from the street!) and accentuate the park’s beautiful green landscaping? How about the fact that custodial workers not only keep the parks clean (no easy feat!), but they also leave a little magic behind wherever they go, arranging fallen flowers in the shape of Mickey or painting characters on the pavement with their brooms and a little water?

We work hard not just to ship a good-quality product, but to create an experience that surprises and delights as soon as it begins. From the moment you open our beautifully constructed gift box, you will find that The Art of Etiquette books are filled with thoughtful touches and intentional details. A special closure to unclasp, a booklet of vow-writing tips stowed in an organza bag, a first-anniversary love note tucked in the back of the book... Every time you interact with AofE books, there are opportunities to discover something new.

On your wedding day, there will be no shortage of memories to forever cherish. While many of the big moments—like saying “I do” or taking that first dance—get a lot of glory, the little details are what will make the day feel like it belongs to you and your beloved. The perfect complement to your wedding Mickey or Minnie ears, the Once Upon A Time Vow Book brings that fairy tale wedding magic into the rest of your married life.

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