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Custom Vow Books

Our three-day wedding, a small gathering of forty of our most near and dear friends, was magical. We spent eighteen months meticulously planning our gathering, from the welcome dinner, to our wedding celebration in a meadow, to the farewell brunch on a croquet lawn. Our intention was to fill those days with intimacy, connection, and purpose. Our guests were not merely spectators, but meaningful participants throughout, and they left feeling fulfilled. So needless to say, we were well pleased with ourselves. Mission accomplished! Except for one thing . . .

All that planning made it possible for everyone to stay present and participate fully, and the easygoing pace of the weekend and wonderful group of people made room for spontaneity. 

One of the most beautiful and unexpected moments of the day? My dad’s toast. And while I remember how deeply his words moved me, I regret to say that I have zero record of them.

Heirloom Guest booksOne of the most beautiful and unexpected moments of the day? My dad’s toast. I’m sure many of you would say a sweet father-of-the-bride toast is to be expected, but my dad… let’s just say he is a bit of a character. He always manages to keep us on our toes. So when he stood up and delivered the most beautiful, thoughtful toast my husband and I had ever heard, we were simply blown away. And while I remember how deeply his words moved me, I regret to say that I have zero record of them. No video, no handwritten notes — nothing.

Sadly, his words were not the only ones to slip through our fingers. Our guests said so many kind, wise, heartfelt things to us throughout the celebration, and  we missed a step in our planning process: a way to capture them. This isn’t on most wedding planning checklists, but it’s so important.  I wish we could revisit their well wishes and advice on our anniversary celebrations, to lift ourselves up with our guests’ faith and support, or simply to take a moment of reflection and gratitude for the people in our life.

So, when I set out to create a guest book, I had that regret in mind. I didn’t want other couples to leave their wedding day saying…

Keepsake Wedding Guest BooksIf only, we had a place to capture everyone’s kind words as they lifted their voices in tribute and celebration — not with cell phone videos or scribbled on a cocktail napkin, but a beautiful way to keep those words safe year after year…

[Enter ten “Raise Your Glass” Toast Sheets included with every guest book.]

Heirloom Guest Books

If only, we had a way to revisit the magic of our wedding day regularly throughout the journey of our marriage…

[Enter the AofE words of advice cards on which guests share their wisdom and seal it with a numbered seal for the anniversary year on which you’ll open it.]

Hardcover Wedding Guest Book

If only we had a way to preserve photos, special keepsakes, and memorabilia from the day in a central place…

[Enter six keepsake pockets for your invitation, special cards, and other precious treasures, as well as five photo pages for your most favorite moments of the day.]

The AofE Best is Yet to Come Guest Book replaces “if only…” with moments of ongoing joy and gratitude. With a little planning before your wedding day, you’ll carry the love and support you felt on your wedding day throughout your life together. We invite you to explore the lifeforce this book will bring to your marriage and discover for yourself the magical moments that will help you live fully with no regrets.

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