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Give a Modern Anniversary Gift Using Our Helpful Year-by-Year Gifting Guide


Getting married is a whirlwind of activity, and it gives way to the settled peacefulness of marriage. Contentment in the everyday is a wonderful place to be, yet we know that infusing your years with adventure is an essential element of a healthy marriage. And what better time to have an adventure than in celebration of your anniversary?

Sometimes it’s fun to break the mold of tradition and give a gift that’s a bit more modern, while still following year-by-year gifts (you’re still a little traditional, after all!). Our guide is just the thing to help to solve the annual dilemma of “what should I give for our anniversary??”.

At The Art of Etiquette, we embrace giving gifts that show thoughtfulness and consideration for the recipient, especially at milestones like an anniversary. Our Modern Anniversary Gift Guide blends tradition with adventure, and gives you creative ideas for giving an unforgettable gift. Whether you’re looking for an experience or a tangible gift that’s ripe with meaning, our gift guide has ideas aplenty, all with a modern touch.

As a sneak peek, below are a few of our favorites and we invite you to download the complete Gift Guide that features modern AND traditional approaches to anniversary gifting.

Anniversary Gift Guide
1st Anniversary: Clocks :: Eternity

“For those who love, time is eternity.” – Henry Van Dyke

Clocks are a symbol that you have all the time in the world in your new marriage. Life together has just begun, and a clock as a gift is a way to symbolize that.

To get creative with this gift, perhaps give a new digital timepiece. If you’re feeling up for adventure, find the nearest Salvador Dali exhibit near you and take a road trip, or perhaps visit the most famous of clocks, Big Ben. The first year is often the hardest, and no matter how you choose to commemorate the occasion, use it as an opportunity to dream about the time ahead of you. Or, take a fairytale trip to Disney World and visit the Beauty and the Beast castle, making special note of Cogsworth. Take a side trip to Harry Potter World and get a souvenir Time Turner, a true symbol of having all the time in the world.

5th Anniversary: Silverware :: Connection

A true heirloom gift, silverware serves as reminder of the connection that a couple forms as they shared meals with each other and their children. Consider purchasing a vintage or brand new set - adding to it over time with additional serveware and matching (or mismatching pieces). Whether you choose brand new or vintage depends on your spouse’s preferences, both are equally lovely. Or, make the gift an adventure by visiting a country where silver is mined, like Mexico or Australia, and choose a gift to bring home from that country.

10th Anniversary: Diamond Jewelry :: Durability

Diamonds are beautiful, formed by extreme heat and pressure, transforming unremarkable materials into something dazzling. Emblematic of the journey of marriage, the diamond process is a remarkable symbol of the beautiful results of a marriage that has grown and evolved. Consider something that will become a daily staple, like diamond studs, or an addition to the wedding band. If you’re baseball fans, get tickets to a game and enjoy an evening cheering on your local team and trying to get on the kiss cam.


For more thoughtful gifting, please click below and we’ll deliver right away a PDF guide featuring information for each year’s gift, the symbolism behind it, and our ideas for on-theme gifts and experiences.

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