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As you prepare and plan for your wedding, we know there’s endless amounts of items to purchase. From the custom photo booth, meticulously designed  invitations and menus, and of course, the beautiful decor throughout your venue. However, after planning my own wedding, I couldn’t help but think this is all just for one day.

I realized that while some items were necessary to have for just the wedding day— I wanted my more meaningful purchases to last beyond the day to cherish forever. And this was a propelling force
in my mind when creating AofE’s heirloom keepsakes.
Heirloom Wedding Guest Books
Beautiful Enough to Display

Carefully curated with archival-quality materials, the heirloom keepsakes are made to last for generations– and look amazing doing so! The Best is Yet to Come Guest and Anniversary Book are not wedding items you will want to relegate to storage afterwards. Designed to elegantly match any home decor aesthetic with beautiful hardback binding, these keepsakes will sit perfectly upon your shelves.

Timeless Glass Cloche Displays

For our bound vow books, we created the perfect way to display them after the ceremony and beyond the day – Vow Book Cloche Displays. Designed as a timeless feature to be incorporated into your personal  home decor, the displays are made to enhance your aesthetic. Its stunning glass cloche fits snugly atop 6 different styles of  bases, creating the perfect presentation for your vow books.

Stylized Guest Table

Keepsake Custom Vow Books

Not only will the glass cloche displays look amazing in your home, but it also can be incorporated into a stylized guest table during your reception. A stylized guest table is all about inviting your loved ones to an experience of sharing and love. Create this opening environment with our luxury frames, Monaco ballpoint pens, gorgeous candles, and classic wooden trays and boxes.


Monaco Ballpoint Pens: Designed in Italy, Bruno Viscounti Monaco Ballpoint Pens feature a soft-touch barrel and smooth, skip-free writing experience— inspiring  your guests to let the words flow in our Best is Yet to Come Guest Book.

Beatriz Luxury Frames

Beatriz Ball Luxury Frames: Handmade elegant frames come in four different styles to elevate your guest table with engagement photos, and then transition into your home with a lasting luxurious design to show off your favorite memory of the day.

Gorgeous Voluspa Candles: 
With three different fragrance collections and sizes, these graceful and stylish Voluspa Candles give off feelings of warmth and love just like on your wedding day. Not only will any of the candles look stunning on your guest table, but they can easily transition into your home decor.

Classic Wooden Trays:

Classic Wooden Trays:
Made to allow you to perfectly encapsulate your love, the classic wooden trays are the perfect centerpiece of your home. The trays come in two different sizes to best fit your home decor needs, and can be styled elegantly with one of the keepsakes and some flowers. The large wooden tray fits our Guest Book and Anniversary Book beautifully.

Wooden Keepsake Box: Keep your precious memories close with our wooden boxes which are perfectly sized to hold all your engagement and wedding photos. Not only do they offer an easy and elegant way to hold your photographs, but also provide quick access to show off those beautiful pics.

Beyond the Day

Your relationship with your partner has accumulated to this big moment together at your wedding, but the root of your relationship is a marriage that will last forever. At The Art of Etiquette, we want our products to reflect a moment that lives well beyond the day, we hope you find these offerings as a sustainable way to allow your wedding day purchases to last long beyond and help you tell your love story.

Explore the AofE Keepsake Wedding Collection and discover the sustainability of our products purchased for one day but lasts a lifetime.

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