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As you stand with your beloved and exchange wedding vows, you’re speaking about the foundation you’ve already built and the future you envision. There is so much beauty in this moment—and there’s no reason those emotions should be contained to that one wedding day. Inspired to help couples honor their past, present and future during every wedding anniversary, we created The Best is Yet to Come Anniversary Book, an evolving time capsule for your marriage.

Long after all of your thank-you notes have been sent and your favorite wedding picture is hung, imagine if there was an elegant way to relive the magic and sacredness of the day. Because although the wedding unfolds on one glorious day, the marriage that follows is the true heart of your love story. That deserves celebration, too—and our new Anniversary Book will help

With The Best is Yet to Come Anniversary Book from The Art of Etiquette, you and your beloved will add new photos every year, record milestones, document highlights, preserve memories and write love letters. With passages designed to start on your wedding day and continue on every anniversary that follows, rediscovering the book year after year will become one of your most honored wedding anniversary traditions


Here’s why we know you’ll love The Best is Yet to Come Anniversary Book as much as we do…

 It is Both a Time Capsule and Living Memory Book

Skip the stress of staring at a blank page and wondering what to write each anniversary. With The Best is Yet to Come Anniversary Book, you and your love can create a wedding anniversary tradition out of summarizing highlights from the past year, noting how you’re celebrating the milestone and adding a favorite photo. In addition to the details you will add for each anniversary, the book contains pockets and pages that can safeguard special photographs, notes and keepsakes from the years.


It Inspires Meaningful Wedding Anniversary Traditions

With a helpful guide that lists traditional and modern anniversary symbols along with their meanings, you can find inspiration for wedding anniversary gifts by opening the book. But, perhaps better than any material item, you can also add an anniversary love note—written one year to be opened during the following anniversary. Enclose the note with one of the included gold seals until you’re ready to exchange the heartfelt words.



It Will be a Cherished Heirloom—Starting Now

As an evolving time capsule that represents your relationship, keeping the beautiful Anniversary Book within sight is a lovely reminder of what matters most: loving each other well. The book itself is created with thick card stock, adorned by gold foil and bound with a gold coil that will withstand moves, years and whatever your life’s adventures may bring. With heirloom-quality construction and your thoughtfully personalized entries, the Anniversary Book will remain a testament to your love story that can be appreciated for generations to come.

One Book Includes All You Need

We don’t set out to create products. We aspire to design keepsakes—which means you will also have helpful thoughts and tips to help you make the most of your Anniversary Book. In addition to the resources and instruction card, the set includes 25 anniversary pages, 6 photo pockets, 10 photo pages, 50 “To My Beloved” notecards and two sheets of gold seals all tailored for the book.

At AofE, our mission is to create opportunities for meaningful connection between couples, celebrate the ways we love each other well and preserve legacies. With inclusive language and imagery that welcomes all celebrations of love, we hope you will be inspired to personalize our heirloom-quality products.


Discover The Best is Yet to Come Anniversary Book Today.



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