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With all the anticipation, planning, stress and excitement leading up to your wedding day, it can be easy to forget that the wedding is truly a beginning. It’s the first day of a beautiful, exciting adventure you and your beloved are going on together.

You can even think of yourself and your soon-to-be spouse as two intrepid explorers. When you exchange personalized wedding vows, you promise to each other that, on your journey, no one gets left behind—you promise each other loyalty and love. 

Like Up’s Carl and Ellie on their imaginary escapades or Frozen’s Anna and Kristoff on their North Mountain odyssey, you’ll make amazing discoveries and experience new things together.

Our Adventure Begins Vow Books are not just a fitting accessory on the big day; they’re meant to be tucked into your explorers’ kit and taken along as you move through your life together. They’ll guide you on the way, ground you in what’s important and help you document your adventure for future generations.

Go On An Adventure for Two

Your unique journey is worth celebrating no matter what path you take. As you build your life together, you’ll support, protect and guide one another through unexpected twists and turns. Yes, you’ll grow and change as individuals and as a couple—and that’s what makes your legacy so meaningful. Along the way, the Our Adventure Begins Vow Book will remind you to put your partnership first and keep you grounded in what matters most. Like a Wilderness Explorer collecting badges in Up, your Vow Book can help mark the milestones along your journey.


Make Your Personalized Wedding Vows a Field Guide

Your vows are like a map. When you get lost or don’t know which way to turn, look to the promises you’ve made to each other on your wedding day for guidance. They’ll remind you of the big picture and help you live the kind of life you want to lead—one that’s centered around meaningful relationships and experiences.

Your Vow Book is a field guide as you navigate the great unknown. Your children, grandchildren, and so on will have an heirloom-quality book that tells your story, which they can look back on as they go on their own journeys. The values, messages of love and memories recorded in its pages will offer them a sense of belonging and continuity, which is what tethers us to what matters in life.


Preserve Your Milestones

Like Wilderness Explorer badges on your sash or field notes in your journal, you can document marriage milestones in your Art of Etiquette books. These experiences you and your partner share—the moments, big and small, that you collect along the way—are what bind you together and make up full lives.

Every love story is worth sharing. When preserved in a beautiful book, your memories tell the story of your adventure for future generations. The Our Adventure Begins Vow Book is a way to record the love you and your partner share that will stand the test of time.

On your wedding day, the moment you exchange your vows marks the beginning of your adventure together. With your beloved by your side and the Our Adventure Begins Vow Book in your kit, you’ll be ready for the journey.


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