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AofE is an Inclusive  Place for All Love

Reaching back millennia, countless words have been written about the meaning and nature of love. When you consider it all, the clearest takeaway is this: each story is unique. At The Art of Etiquette, we celebrate the heart’s right to want what it wants. We deeply value and respect our certification as an LGBTQ+ inclusive wedding vendor. 

By intentionally crafting our product and services to embrace all identities and gender spectrums, we celebrate you, your partner and your commitment to each other—absolutely inclusive of LGBTQ wedding vows.

Love is inclusive


After all, there was a long enough battle to get LGBTQ weddings legally recognized. We don’t need to wait a moment longer for wedding vendors to catch up. That’s why, inspired by the love stories we’ve had the privilege of playing witness to through the life of AoE, we are proud to launch the new Beloved Collection of wedding vow books, which holds space for all forms of love. Designed for the modern couple, each blank page in this collection is an invitation for you to be your own storyteller. By offering tried-and-true vow writing tips, our hope is to let your story shine exactly as it is rather than by compressing it into a mould.

Your wedding vows are a chance to express the promise to cherish your partner; a promise can be revisited year after year, generation after generation. By doing so, you get the reminder that love is a verb—and loving well is one of the greatest legacies we can leave.

Beyond complementing your LGBTQ wedding day experience, our vow books are designed to serve as a North Star in your just-beginning journey as a married couple. May the words you memorialize in our products be a true reflection of the person you are to your partner, and vice-versa. May they help you set aside time, thought and intention to your beloved. May they always inspire you to be fully present in your life together.

You deserve to speak your love and share your story—and the Beloved Vow Book Collection will help you do exactly that.



Vow Writing Tips for Couples

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